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Minna Rozen, The Mediterranean in the Seventeenth Century: Captives, Pirates, and Ransomers at the Juncture between Religion, Politics, Economics and Society, New Digital Frontiers S.R.L. and Casa Editrice Mediterranea, Palermo ,2016 (PDF)    
Minna Rozen, “La vie économique des juifs du bassin méditerranéen de l’expulsion d’Espagne (1492) à la fin du XVIIIe siècle”, La Société juive à travers les âges (ed. S. Trigano), Librairie Arthème Fayard, Paris 1993,pp.296-352 (PDF)    
Reconceptualizing Diaspora Author(s): Rachel Kranson Reviewed work(s): Atlantic Diasporas: Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in the Age of Mercantilism, 1500-1800 by Richard L. Kagan; Philip D. Morgan; Homelands and Diasporas: Greeks, Jews and their Migrations by Minna Rozen. (PDF)   Minna Rozen, "The Redemption of Jewish Captives in the 17th-Century Eastern Mediterranean Basin: The Intersection of Religion, Economics, and Society," in Heike Grieser and Nicole Priesching, eds., Gefangenenloskauf im Mittelmeerraum. Ein interreligiöser Vergleich (Hildesheim-Zürich-New York: George Olms Verlag), pp. 161 -- 190, 335 -- 350. (PDF)
Minna. Rozen,”Preface,” in Idem (ed.), Homelands and Diasporas: Greeks ,Jews and Their Migrations (London: Tauris, 2008), 21-32 (PDF)   Minna. Rozen, “People of the Book, People of the Sea: Mirror Images of the Soul” in Idem (ed.), Homelands and Diasporas: Greeks ,Jews and Their Migrations (London: Tauris, 2008), 35-81. (PDF)

Minna Rozen, “Pedigree Remembered, Recovered, Invented: Benjamin Disraeli between East and West,” The Jewish Discovery of Islam (ed. M. Kramer) Tel Aviv University, pp.  49-75 (PDF) The royal decree expelling the Jews of Spain , 31 March, 1492 in the Alhambra palace in Granada Minna Rozen, “Collective Memories and Group Boundaries: The Judeo-Spanish Diaspora between the Lands of Christendom and the World of Islam”, Michael, 14 (eds., Y. Nini, S. Simonsohn and M. Rozen) (1997), pp. 35-52 (PDF)
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